14th TWINCORE Symposium & 13th International VPM Days

14th TWINCORE Symposium & 13th International VPM Days

"Lessons from the pandemic for future infection research"

It is our pleasure to announce the joint 14th TWINCORE Symposium and 13th International VPM Days, celebrating VPM’s 20th Anniversary

“Lessons from the pandemic for future infection research”


Thursday and Friday, 15 and 16 September 2022 in Hannover, Germany.

TWINCORE and VPM together organize the symposium to provide an excellent opportunity for fruitful exchange of ideas and networking between various stakeholders. Whether you are a scientist, entrepreneur, or investor, this event is the place to be!

We are delighted to inform that the following keynote speakers will be presenting at the event:

•  Prof. Klaus Cichutek, Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
•  Prof. Alexander Ploss, Princeton University
•  Prof. Stefan Kaufmann, Max Planck Institute of Infection Biology
•  Prof. Mihai Netea, Radboud University Medical Center
•  Dr. Umesh Shaligram, Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Prof. Ulrich Kalinke 
Managing Director   

Dr. Leander Grode                               
Vakzine Projekt Management GmbH
Managing Director

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Artem Babaian

University of Cambridge & University of Toronto

Hacking Earth's Virome: Increasing the RNA-virome by (nearly) an order of magnitude

Klaus Cichutek


Pandemic vaccine development: lessons learned

Michaela Gack

Cleveland Clinic, Florida Research and Innovation Center

Novel mechanisms of virus sensing in innate immunity

Trine Hyrup Mogensen

Aarhus University

Life-threatening viral disease in a novel form of autosomal recessive IFNAR2 deficiency
in the Arctic


Helle Krogh Johansen

CopenhagenUniversity Hospital

 P. aeruginosa and AMR: diversity of mechanisms behind antimicrobial therapy failures in cystic fibrosis

Alexander Ploss

Princeton University

Two stones, one bird: Exploring why two receptors exist for the same antiviral signaling pathway