Good Scientific Practice

Good Scientific Practice at TWINCORE

Good scientific practice is a cornerstone for conducting research and writing scientific publications. It serves to prevent scientific misconduct. At TWINCORE, we adhere to a set of ethical principles and standards that must be followed by our scientists to ensure the integrity, reliability and quality of our work.

Some of these criteria are, for example:

  • Honesty
    is a central pillar of good scientific practice. Scientists must always be open, transparent and honest about their research findings. This includes full disclosure of methods, data and possible conflicts of interest. Manipulation or falsification of data is strictly prohibited and is a serious violation of the principles of good scientific practice.
  • Reproducibility
    is another important principle. Research results must be documented and presented in such a way that other scientists are able to repeat the experiments and studies and obtain similar results. This ensures the verifiability and validity of research and contributes to the advancement of knowledge.
  • Avoiding plagiarism
    is also one of the fundamental rules of good scientific practice. Scientists must use correct citations and thereby give due credit to the work of others. Copying or stealing other people's ideas, texts or results is a serious offence that will have serious consequences for all persons involved.
  • The rights and protection of the persons involved
    must be respected in research. This includes ethical treatment of research participants and compliance with data protection regulations, as well as careful consideration of the potential impact of research on the environment or society.

Adherence to good scientific practice contributes to the trustworthiness and credibility of our institution. It ensures that our research results are reliable and comprehensible and forms a basis for scientific progress. By adhering to these principles, our scientists and we as TWINCORE can strengthen the public's trust in our work and contribute to our public mission.


Ombudsperson service

We have concluded a cooperation agreement with the Hannover Medical School and have thus recognised the The principles of Hannover Medical School for the Safeguarding of Good Scientific Practice as bindingly valid for us. In the event of a dispute regarding compliance with Good Scientific Practice, the MHH Ombuds Office is available to us for clarification and mediation. The procedural rules of the MHH for dealing with scientific misconduct are applied analogously to TWINCORE.

DFG Guidelines on Good Scientific Practice

The cooperation model with the Hannover Medical School ensures that we are able to implement the comprehensive guidelines for safeguarding good scientific practice of the German Research Foundation (DFG) in a legally binding manner. The currently valid version of the guidelines can be found under the following link: