Tenth TWINCORE anniversary

Translational infection research
2008 to 2018
History and tales


New Approaches for Vaccinations against Hepatitis C Virus

For a few years now infections with Hepatitis C virus can be efficiently treated and patients can be cured with modern medication. Nevertheless, researchers are looking for a vaccine against the virus, which has specialized...

13. November 2018

New inhibition mechanism for Human Cytomegalovirus

Zytomegalie ist erst einmal eine unscheinbare Infektionskrankheit von der jedoch ein Großteil der Bevölkerung betroffen ist. Das Humane Cytomegalievirus (HCMV) infiziert – wie der Name schon sagt – ausschließlich Menschen und...

02. October 2018

Unusual virus defence decoded in the brain - new approach for virus encephalitis therapy

Our brain is one of the most protected organs of the body. The blood-brain barrier, a barricade made of specialized cells, allows only selected substances to pass from the bloodstream into the central nervous system. It also...

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...is an important characteristic of our institute. International networking and stimuli  encourage the quality of our research and it is an additional value for our scientific work. There are more than 40 scientists from over 20 nations working at TWINCORE. Learn more about our cooperations and international exchange programmes.

What does translational infection research mean in practice? How do we bridge basic research and clinical challenges? What kind of impulses and questions do our scientists get from the clinical environment? Our new rubric "translational case examples" shows how we combine basic research and clinical questions and what drives our science.


29. August 2019
23. January 2019

TWINCORE Seminar within the Immunological Colloquium

Prof. Martin Roelsgaard Jakobsen Aarhus University, Faculty of Health Science, Department of Biomedicine Title: Dissolution of cancer - by pDCs and STING-mediated immune responses      Time: 17.00 Uhr...

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