Innovative analytics

Innovative analytics are the basis for an improved infection management. In order to obtain more comprehensive information about disease causing microbes in the shortest time possible, we search for innovative ways of fast and reliable detection and phenotyping of pathogens.

Molecular analysis of bacterial pathogens

Identification of bacterial species as well as resistance and pathogenicity traits can be determined based on phenotypic test. We perform molecular profiling approaches aiming at the use of molecular markers for the prediction of bacterial behavior.

Detection of pathogen from the lower respiratory tract

In order to detect pathogens of deep respiratory infections without invasive procedures, we aim to develop a device for the diagnosis of respiratory infections. The approach is that patient will breathe into the device, which will retain the pathogens from expiratory air for further diagnostic procedures.

Differential serolomics

Innovative approaches of blood-serum-analytics will allow to use differentiate between naturally infected individuals on one hand and those immunized through vaccination on the other hand. Such a tool is much needed to assess effectiveness of vaccination strategies at population level.