Listen to the lecture "Regulatory Science and Translational Research"

Christian Schneider will soon give his fifth lecture of our lecture series about regulatory science. You missed the lecture? You have been there but want to refresh for preparing the next one? Then simply watch the third and fourth lecture again...


09. March 2017

New perspectives for research on hepatitis C virus

The hepatitis C virus (HCV) infects around 160 million people worldwide. Although there are new therapies, HCV infection is still one of the most common causes of liver transplantation as these new drugs are very expensive and...

13. February 2017

WHO handrub formulations are effective against emerging viruses

In the last few years, previously unknown viruses or viruses, which were considered eliminated, have been unveiled: last year, the World Health Organization WHO declared “A Public Health Emergency of International Concern”...

16. January 2017

Mode of action of a novel RNA-adjuvants detected – successful collaboration with the CureVac AG

For displaying the full effect, vaccines usually need support - particularly if they are consisting of small peaces of the pathogen. The supporters are called adjuvant and they are normally not part of the pathogen. For most of...

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The MHH has launched a new program to life, called "Junge Akademie", which combines basic sciences and medicine in practice. It enables young doctors to link their scientific work with the hospital routine and advance their medical research in cooperation with partner institutions of the MHH: At TWINCORE two "Physician Scientists" have started their translational projects. Read more on current projects of new diagnostic methods for inflammatory heart muscle deseases and about the respiratory syncytial virus, which can be life threatening especially for toddlers.


23. March 2017


Graham Simmons, PhD, Blood Systems Research Institute, San Francisco, USA, Titel: Innate and humoral immune responses to arboviruses, Zeit: 17:00 Uhr s.t.,Ort: TWINCORE Lecture Hall (0.02) Who is Graham Simmons? Current...

18. May 2017

Lecture series - Regulatory Science and Translational Research

Dr. Christian Schneider, Director of the National Institute for Biological Standards and Control (NIBSC) in Great Britain, Title: Interaction with regulators, e.g. in preparation of a first clinical study Start: 11:30...

31. August 2017

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There are more than 40 scientists from over 20 nations working at TWINCORE. Internationality is an important characteristic of our institute and an additional value for our scientific work. Read more about our programs to encourage the international excange - in particular with South America. [more]