Prof. Jeremy Keown

Investigating diverse RNA virus replication strategies

Dear all,

on Thursday, 13th of June, Prof. Jeremy Keown will visit us at TWINCORE. He will hold a talk at 2pm.

Title of talk: “Investigating diverse RNA virus replication strategies”

The talk will take place in seminar room 0.020 but also ZOOM is available:

Meeting ID: 82364443851
password: 788558

Short bio:
Jeremy Keown was appointed as an Assistant professor in the school of life sciences at the University of Warwick in October 2023. He investigates RNA viruses which have high pandemic potential using cryoEM and functional assays. After completing his PhD at the University of Canterbury, New Zealand to the University of Auckland to join Assoc Prof David Goldstone. In 2017 he moved to the Division of Structural Biology at the University of Oxford to work with Prof Jonathan Grimes and Prof Ervin Fodor to investigate the structure and function of the influenza virus polymerase.