Prof. Dr. Kalinke, Ulrich

Executive Director


Prof. Dr. Ulrich Kalinke is Director of TWINCORE, Centre of Experimental and Clinical Infection Research where he is also heading the Institute for Experimental Infection Research. After he studied Biology in Hannover, Germany, he did his Ph.D. at the German Cancer Research Centre, Heidelberg, where he studied peripheral T cell tolerance and the role of CD8 as a co-receptor in specific T cell recognition. For his postdoctoral time he moved to Zürich, Switzerland, where he worked in the laboratory of Nobel Laureate Rolf Zinkernagel. During that time he analyzed virus-neutralizing antibody responses. Then Prof. Kalinke was appointed Staff Scientist and Leader of the “Anti-Viral Defense Group” at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory in Monterotondo near Rome, Italy. In that environment he focused on the analysis of innate immune responses induced upon virus infection. In 2002 he was appointed Professor and Head of the Division of Immunology at the Paul-Ehrlich-Institut in Langen, Germany. There he was responsible for all licensing aspects of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies and of therapeutic vaccines. Furthermore, he pursued basic research towards an improved understanding of the interface between innate and adaptive immunity. During that time Prof. Kalinke became also involved in the field of regulatory research where he and his colleagues addressed issues such as challenges and opportunities of biosimilar monoclonal antibodies and new developments in tumor vaccines. At his current position he is developing a translational infection research programme as a joint venture between the Helmholtz-Centre of Infection Research in Braunschweig and the Hannover Medical School. Since 2013 he is heading the office of the Translational Alliance in Lower Saxony (TRAIN), which is aiming for (i) the improvement of research infrastructure, (ii) the development of new postgraduate teaching formats, and (iii) the establishment of TRAIN projects in the Braunschweig Hannover area.