Research foci Infectious Disease Epidemiology

The Institute of Infectious Disease Epidemiology focuses on the developing tools and methods to determine and reduce infectious disease burden and consequences for pathogens causing both acute or chronic illnesses, such as measles or hepatitis B virus, as well as emerging pathogens such as SARS-CoV-2. Differential serolomics assays to distinguish vaccine- and infection-induced immune responses are developed for viral hepatitis, for infections with a high disease burden in the population such as influenza viruses, or for eradicable diseases such as measles. Here, we aim to build up a differential serology assay pipeline that can be reliably used in population-based studies, outbreak investigations or pandemics. As a platform technology, we use Luminex® bead-based multiplex technology, as this technology allows to create antigen-specific antibody profiles against a variety of pathogens with a minimal volume of blood in a single resource-efficient measurement.