Employees and Alumni

Research Group Virus Interaction Proteomics

Dr. Brogden, Graham
Postdoctoral Fellow

Kirui, Jared
PhD Student


Jared Kirui did his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology at Makerere University,…

Möller, Rebecca
PhD Student

Dr. Zapatero-Belinchon, Francisco Jose
Postdoctoral Fellow


Alumni of Virus Interaction Proteomics

Pia Maria Alberione, Master Student

Janina Brüning, Master Student and PhD student
now: Experimental Virology, Twincore, Hannover

Vanessa Kienzle, Master Student
now: Biorad laboratories, Hannover

Pia Banse, Medical Student
now: residency at University Clinic Cologne

Wiebke Nicolay, Master Student
now: project leader, Burgwedel Biotech (MSD), Burgwedel

Markus Flosbach, Master Student
now: PhD student, Technical University, Munich

Sina Kahl, technician
now: State Office of Criminal Investigation, Hannover

Kathrin Welsch, technician
now: Student at the Veterinary University, Hannover

Kristina Schierhorn, Master Student (Rockefeller University, New York, USA)
now: Postdoctoral Fellow at King’s College, London, UK