Awards and Scholarships

Awards and Scholarships

07/2018-07/2020: Swedish society for medical research fellowship (Annasara Lenman)

11/2017: Robert Koch Foundation Postdoctoral Award in Virology (Gisa Gerold)

10/2017-09/2020: DAAD PhD fellowship (Jared Kirui)

10/2017-3/2019: Center for Infection Biology (ZIB) PhD fellowship (Rebecca Möller)

09/2017: Travel Award for the 24th International Symposium on Hepatitis C Virus and Related Viruses, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, USA (Gisa Gerold)

01/2017: Selected for the Helmholtz Management Academy, Helmholtz Association (Gisa Gerold)

10/2016: Selected for the Ellen-Schmidt-Program, Hannover Medical School (Gisa Gerold)

04/2016: Poster Prize 2016 of the Society for Virology (Pia Banse)

08/2014-07/2015: DZIF fellowship (Pia Banse)

03/2014-07/2015: Ina-Pichlmayr Mentoring Program (Gisa Gerold)

07/2015: Paper of the Month Award, Helmholtz Centre of Infection Research (Gisa Gerold)

09/2009: Otto Hahn Medal for Outstanding Scientific Achievements awarded by the Max Planck Society (Gisa Gerold)

03/2009-02/2010: German Academy of Science Leopoldina postdoctoral fellowship (Gisa Gerold)

03/2010-02/2013: Human Frontier Science Program (HFSP) postdoctoral fellowship (Gisa Gerold)

10/2008: Keystone Symposia Scholarship at the "Innate Immunity: Signaling Mechanisms” Symposia