Employees and Alumni

Research Group Virus Interaction Proteomics

Prof. asoc. inv. Gerold, Gisa
Group Leader, Guest Associate Professor

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Gisa Gerold graduated with a Diploma in Biochemistry, Physical Chemistry and Microbiology from the Eberhard Karls Universität ... [more]

Kirui, Jared
PhD Student

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Jared Kirui did his Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Laboratory Technology at Makerere University, Kenia. Thereafter, he ... [more]

Laßwitz, Lisa
PhD Student

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... [more]

Lenman, Annasara

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... [more]

Möller, Rebecca
PhD Student

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... [more]

Dr. Zapatero-Belinchon, Francisco Jose
Postdoctoral Fellow

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... [more]

Alumni of Virus Interaction Proteomics

Janina Brüning, Master Student and PhD student
now: Experimental Virology, Twincore, Hannover

Vanessa Kienzle, Master Student
now: Biorad laboratories, Hannover

Pia Banse, Medical Student
now: residency at University Clinic Cologne

Wiebke Nicolay, Master Student
now: project leader, Burgwedel Biotech (MSD), Burgwedel

Markus Flosbach, Master Student
now: PhD student, Technical University, Munich

Sina Kahl, technician
now: State Office of Criminal Investigation, Hannover

Kathrin Welsch, technician
now: Student at the Veterinary University, Hannover

Kristina Schierhorn, Master Student (Rockefeller University, New York, USA)
now: Postdoctoral Fellow at King’s College, London, UK