Here you find audioslideshows and podcasts, which show you what we are researching at TWINCORE. Follow our scientists into science:

Audioslideshow Lecture Series "Regulatory Science and translational Research" Part IV

In the third part of Christian Schneiders lecture, it's all about "Risk-based approaches in translational medicine" - definitions and case studies.

Audioslideshow Lecture Series "Regulatory Science and translational Research" Part III

In the third part of his lecture, Christian Scbneider focusses on the "Non-clinical development of gene and cell therapies as a paradigm of translational research". He looks at the basic principles and at a regulatory check list respectively an individualized and focused development.

Bacteria in cystic fibrosis lungs form particularly resistant biofilms - TWINCORE scientists uncover mechanism

Cystic Fibrosis, better known as mucoviscidosis is a treacherous hereditary disease. Caused by a metabolic disorder the body secretions of patients contain too little water. Some forms of P. aeruginosa have proven particularly well adapted to the conditions in the tough congested lung. Scientists at TWINCORE have now been found how this in cystic fibrosis patients specialized pathogens differ from their relatives - and have thus laid the foundation for new therapeutic approaches. Listen to the Science Signaling Podcast about the publication of the Institute of Molecular Bacteriology.

Audioslideshow Lecture Series "Regulatory Science and translational Research" Part II

What must be considered during the first application of drugs in man? What special features regulations for vaccines and gene therapies provide for? What to do if the preclinical phase comes to its limits? Dr. Christian K. Schneider works at the Danish Medicines Agency Copenhagen and provides comprehensive insight into the regulatory science and the European rules of the game on the way to new drugs. Here you can simultaneously hear and watch his lectures as an audio slideshow.

Audioslideshow Lecture Series "Regulatory Science and translational Research" Part I

How do licensing authorities work? What is regulatory science? And why is knowledge in regulatory science important for translational medicine and basic science? Dr. Christian K. Schneider is head of Division Medicines Licensing and Availability at the Danish Health and Medicines Authority. He offers an comprehensive insight in regulatory science and the rules of the european licensing-game. You will find his lecture as an audioslideshow here. (He speaks english.) Part II is following soon.

Hepatitis-C-Infektion - eine Frage der Stabilität - Jürgen Wehland Preis für Dr. Eike Steinmann

Für seine herausragende Forschung als Nachwuchswissenschaftler erhält Dr. Eike Steinmann den Jürgen Wehland Preis des HZI. Er hat die Stabilität des Hepatitis-C-Virus in Lösungen und auf Oberflächen erforscht - mit überraschenden Ergebnissen. Hören Sie selbst ...

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