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14. October 2016

Combined strength – immune cells cooperate in HIV defence

Der – zweifelhafte – Erfolg des HI-Virus gründet auf einer ganzen Reihe Tricks, mit denen das Virus unsere Abwehr unterwandert oder  für sich selbst nutzt. In einem sehr frühen Stadium der Infektion – gleich nach dem ersten...

21. September 2016

Successful nomination

Awardee of the "Georg-Forster-Forschungspreis der Alexander von Humboldt-Stiftung" comes to Hannover

12. September 2016

Gilead Sciences supports translational HIV research at TWINCORE and MHH

HIV is knows since 33 years and claimed around 40 million lives. Therapies are existing - healing is still not possible. Now, the "Gilead Förderprogramm Infektiologie 2016" supports scientists of TWINCORE and MHH with...

06. June 2016

TWINCORE scientists identified cause of susceptibility to infection in rheumatism patients

More than one million people in Germany suffer from rheumatism. In addition to their pain, they often show a susceptibility to infection: rheumatism patients contract more often with viruses and bacteria and become seriously ill....

01. June 2016

Visiting professor from Brasil at the Institute of Infection Immunology

“Es ist ungewohnt wieder im Labor zu arbeiten und ganz am Anfang eines Projektes zu stehen“, lächelt Prof. Vania Bonato. Zu Hause, im brasilianischen Riberao Preto leitet Prof.  Bonato eine Arbeitsgruppe im Department...

30. May 2016

Virus suppressant works like a turbo for Hepatitis E viruses

Hepatitis E virus infections seem to be an underrated risk - probably because the course of desease is characterised by a mild progression. The Robert-Koch-Institute estimates, that there are 300.000 people infected with that...

26. May 2016

DFG Grant for Matthias Lochner

Matthias Lochner will receive a 352.000 Euro DFG-Grant for three years. Matthias Lochner is group leader of the research group Mucosal Infection Immunology at the Institute of Infectionimmunology. The project "Targeting the...

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