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TWINCORE stands with the "Diversity Charter"

TWINCORE has signed the "Diversity Charter" and is thus committed to respecting the diversity of the workforce in terms of origin, nationality and…

How does an intestinal germ become a pathogen?

Scientists are looking for a connection between bacterial genes and disease severity

TWINCORE stands for tolerance and peace

At TWINCORE, values such as tolerance, peace and a commitment to democracy are the basis for scientists from different nations to be able to work…

Antiviral and anti-inflammatory

Double effect of the body's own signalling molecule itaconic acid described

Genetic defect leads to skin damage

International research team discovers role of ISG15 in skin integrity

Hard to break down

Hepatitis E virus defies alcohol-based hand disinfectants.

Joint press release by TWINCORE, Hannover Medical School and Ruhr University Bochum

Death of Reinhold E. Schmidt

Member of the TWINCORE Supervisory Board passes away at the age of 70

Gender Equality Plan of TWINCORE

Here you can view the Gender Equality Plan of TWINCORE

Lipid-lowering drugs not a risk factor in COVID-19.

Statins do not increase infectivity or viral replication of SARS-CoV-2

Start-up funding for antibody project

MEMUMAB research project receives GO-Bio initial funding / Kickoff on 22 November