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Gender Equality Plan of TWINCORE

Here you can view the Gender Equality Plan of TWINCORE

Lipid-lowering drugs not a risk factor in COVID-19.

Statins do not increase infectivity or viral replication of SARS-CoV-2

Start-up funding for antibody project

MEMUMAB research project receives GO-Bio initial funding / Kickoff on 22 November

Vaccination success without B cells

Communication between immune cells determines response to vaccination

A call for help from the brain

How immune cells are lured to the brain in encephalitis

A Trojan horse against tuberculosis

New transport route for antibiotics directly into infected cells

New junior research group "Translational Immunology

Clinician scientist Theresa Graalmann starts her own group at TWINCORE

Video Message from Ulrich Kalinke

Ulrich Kalinke on the current situation at TWINCORE after one year of corona virus pandemic in Germany.

A precise measure of protective immunity

New tool aims to make HCV vaccine search easier