LISA: Lower Saxony International Summer Academy

LISA: Lower Saxony International Summer Academy

Die LISA Sommerakademie ist ein zwei- bis vierwöchiges Fortbildungs-Programm für Studentinnen und Studenten der Lebenswissenschaften. Studenten aus aller Welt lernen während LISA immunologische Grundlagen und aktuelle Themen aus der Forschung kennen. Während des anschließenden Kursprogramms vermitteln ihnen Wissenschaftler des TWINCORE, der MHH und des Fraunhofer ITEM aktuelles Wissen aus der Immunbiologie sowie experimentelle Techniken.

Während der ersten Woche finden Vorlesungen zu aktuellen immunologischen Themen statt, die sowohl von Wissenschaftlern der MHH, des HZI und des TWINCORE als auch von renommierten internationalen Gastsprechern gehalten werden. Ab der zweiten Woche wenden die Studenten ihr neu erlerntes Wissen in ein- bis dreiwöchige Laborpraktika an - und haben in dieser Zeit Gelegenheit, Kontakte zu verschiedenen Forschungsgruppen zu knüpfen.

LISA findet in 2017 bereits zum siebten Mal statt. In den letzten vier Jahren haben ca. 200 internationale Studenten an der Sommerakademie teilgenommen - einige von ihnen forschen bereits im Rahmen von PhD-Programmen an einer der Partnereinrichtungen.


Hier finden Sie weitere Informationen zur siebten Lower Saxony International Summer Academy in Hannover vom 13. - 27. August 2017:

6. Jahrgang: LISA 2016

Organized program, nice, great - das sind nur einige Begriffe, die unsere Studenten mit LISA 2016 assoziieren. In unserer Wordcloud sind weitere Eindrücke zusammengefasst.

Antonella Bastone
LISA Summer Academy 2016 brought me many steps closer to what I want to do and whom I want to be. Cultural and knowledge exchange are the basics of progress, and I found both during my stay in Hannover. Saying thank you is not enough.

Marta Torregrossa
LISA is a great experience for all the students that would like to develop in Science, because nobody born as a researcher, but with a right mentor any smart person can become a great scientist! LISA is exactly the occasion to find a right "mentor" that can help the students to grow up in the right direction. Is a great occasion to know international people, compare oneself with other cultures and live an experience that happen one time in the life.
In one word LISA!

Clara Perez
In the beggining I was a little bit scared due to the way I had to reach my accomodation (just a map and a room key to find a building in a rainy and germany evening, with no food or drink). But once I met my mates and during the welcome talk, everything turned just perfect. Those two weeks I could have the oportunity to grow up as a scientist but also as a person. I could learn more about your research there, how is the life in Hannover, not just a tourist point of view, but all the student and research environment as well.
During the lab rotations I could learn new techniques of human blood samples process and the enthusiastic mood of the scientist there encourge me to face bravely my own scientific carreer. At the same time, I could make some contacts, hoping that I could work with them in the future.
About other LISA students, I still keep in touch with some of them, we are good friends actually.

Valentina Casella
I applied in order to spend summer holidays improving my knowledge in Immunology and meeting people from all over the world, but what i got was even more. Lectures were inspiring, and lab rotations were very well organized, giving the chance to use different facilities and interact with international scientists, many of which had been LISA students as well. Outdoor activities gave me the chance to learn something more about the culture and the history of Hannover and to know better the other students, who, at the end, became great friends.
At the end I came back to Italy with unforgettable memories and the desire to return maybe for some scientific works in the future.

5. Jahrgang: LISA 2015

Elene Mariamidze (Georgien):
I believe, Lisa 2015 was much more than a summer school in immunology, it's was  a life coach, soulmate finder and simply best experience with best people from all over the world, it was a perfect get away from boring everyday life.

Jaco Slingerland (Niederlande):
LISA 2015: an inspiring and challenging immunological environment.

Jovana Nikolic (Serbien und Montenegro):
LISA - Unforgettable scientific experience and  top-ranked lab research

Omar Al-Rawi (Irak):
LISA offered me new scientific research skills, new opportunities, international environment and a lot of valuable social events to be familiar with the German culture. LISA the starting point for the near future.

Vânia Passos (Portugal):
LISA 2015 was by far the most enlightening experience I've ever had, as it enabled me to envision without fear my future as a scientist. Never forget to dream future LISA students and do your best to do what makes you happy.

Towfiq Rahman Shishir (Bangladesch):
It generates the craving for hard core infection biology and immunology which guides you to work with the best co ordinated researchers from all fields.