Research Group Host-Pathogen Interactions & Immunometabolism

Research Group Host-Pathogen Interactions & Immunometabolism

The junior research group “Host-Pathogen Interactions & Immunometabolism” led by Dr. Luciana Berod is studying the mechanisms used by human pathogens to interfere with the host metabolic network and modulate immune responses. Infection of host cells with intracellular bacteria causes several changes in core metabolic processes that depend both on the infected cell and the type of pathogen invading the cell. Some of these reactions are triggered by virulence factors and allow the pathogen to replicate by depriving nutrients from the host cell. Yet, metabolic adaptation also promotes host defense mechanisms, particularly in phagocytes such as dendritic cells and macrophages that support their innate function. On the other hand, adaptive immune responses also rely on the specific regulation of key metabolic processes such as glycolysis or mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation which are of major importance for directing T cell fate and function. In our lab we aim to study the molecular links between metabolism and immune responses to better understand bacterial pathogenesis. Furthermore, considering that the incidence of metabolic disorders such as obesity and type II diabetes is increasing in Western societies and that these pathologies are associated with poor vaccine responses and increased susceptibility to infection, the emerging field of immunometabolism may open new avenues for immune intervention.


German-french DFG-ANR grant for Luciana Berod

Unser Immunsystem ist ein Orchester aus unterschiedlichsten Immunzellen, das uns im fein abgestimmten Zusammenspiel vor Krankheitserregern, Fremdstoffen und Fehlentwicklungen im Organismus schützt. Das funktioniert in der Regel...

28. October 2016

Jürgen-Wehland-Prize 2016 for Luciana Berod

Für ihre Forschung zur Immunmodulation erhielt Dr. Luciana Berod, Leiterin der Arbeitsgruppe Wirt-Pathogen-Interaktionen & Immunmetabolismus am Institut für Infektionsimmunologie den sechsten "Jürgen-Wehland-Preis...

17. November 2015

Ellen-Schmidt-Förderung für Luciana Berod

Luciana Berod, Wissenschaftlerin am Institut für Infektionsimmunologie, erhält für ein Jahr ein Habilitationsstipendium aus dem Ellen-Schmidt-Programm der MHH. Das Habilitationsprogramm wird jährlich ausgeschrieben und ist eine...

09. February 2015

Volkswagen Foundation supports German-Israeli research project at TWINCORE

Over the next three years, the Institute for Infection Immunology receives 150,000 euros aid money from the Volkswagen Foundation for a Low Saxon-Israeli community project. In the context of the funding programme...