LISA: Lower Saxony International Summer Academy

The Lower Saxony International Summer Academy is a short-term course on current topics of immunology research and experimental techniques. The successful LISA program is now in its seventh year with over 200 alumni and selects highly-qualified bachelor and master students in the life sciences who demonstrate a strong interest in immunology. The program consists of one week of lectures given by scientists from the MHH, HZI, and Twincore, followed by at least one (and up to three) week-long rotations in campus laboratories where participants have the opportunity to apply their new knowledge of immunology. The program is supplemented by "State of the Art" knowledge presented by renowned researchers from prestigious institutions.

7th LISA 2017

friendly, structured, beautiful - are the most prominent keywords the LISA students associate with our sommerschool and Germany in 2017. Now - after the seventh class has finished - approximately 250 students from all over the world have been our guests. Many of them came back to Hannover region and joined in one of the junior development Programms in Hannover or Braunschweig.

Dennis Torkornoo
Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology, KNUST, Kumasi-Ghana

"This is Dennis from Ghana, from LISA 2017. I am writing to say thank you for your time during the LISA program. Your lectures, tutorials, and encouragement were extremely helpful in broadening my interest in immunology as a whole. I also had a nice time in Germany, thanks to your well-organized program. I am glad that I was part of LISA this year. I hope to meet you again someday. All the best in everything you are doing."

6th LISA 2016

Organized program, nice, great - these are some of the keywords our students associate with LISA 2016. Our Wordcloud shows more impressions.

Antonella Bastone
LISA Summer Academy 2016 brought me many steps closer to what I want to do and whom I want to be. Cultural and knowledge exchange are the basics of progress, and I found both during my stay in Hannover. Saying thank you is not enough.

Marta Torregrossa
LISA is a great experience for all the students that would like to develop in Science, because nobody born as a researcher, but with a right mentor any smart person can become a great scientist! LISA is exactly the occasion to find a right "mentor" that can help the students to grow up in the right direction. Is a great occasion to know international people, compare oneself with other cultures and live an experience that happen one time in the life.
In one word LISA!

Clara Perez
In the beggining I was a little bit scared due to the way I had to reach my accomodation (just a map and a room key to find a building in a rainy and germany evening, with no food or drink). But once I met my mates and during the welcome talk, everything turned just perfect. Those two weeks I could have the oportunity to grow up as a scientist but also as a person. I could learn more about your research there, how is the life in Hannover, not just a tourist point of view, but all the student and research environment as well.
During the lab rotations I could learn new techniques of human blood samples process and the enthusiastic mood of the scientist there encourge me to face bravely my own scientific carreer. At the same time, I could make some contacts, hoping that I could work with them in the future.
About other LISA students, I still keep in touch with some of them, we are good friends actually.

Valentina Casella
I applied in order to spend summer holidays improving my knowledge in Immunology and meeting people from all over the world, but what i got was even more. Lectures were inspiring, and lab rotations were very well organized, giving the chance to use different facilities and interact with international scientists, many of which had been LISA students as well. Outdoor activities gave me the chance to learn something more about the culture and the history of Hannover and to know better the other students, who, at the end, became great friends.
At the end I came back to Italy with unforgettable memories and the desire to return maybe for some scientific works in the future.